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A lot of change happens in Spring, flowers start to bloom, the weather gets warmer and days get longer. With the sun out more often and better light coming in through your windows, you may notice marks on your flooring that have gone unnoticed before. Or you might simply be looking to brighten up your interior for the coming Summer. 

Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for on-trend flooring ideas for this time of year, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Wall Bros, we’ve been supplying quality flooring  for 65 years and our award-winning team of friendly flooring experts have helped thousands of happy customers choose their perfect flooring. 

We understand that sometimes you know that you need new flooring, you’re just not sure exactly what you want. Which is why we developed ourFloorspiration Hub which you can access from our website. 

There, you can browse through inspiring photos of various flooring types, trends and looks that match the current season. That way, you can get a better idea of the sort of flooring you want.

We’ve also packed it with helpful information to help you decide on the right flooring for you. Once you have a better idea, you can head to our Worthing or Storrington showroom to show our experts the photos you like and they’ll be able to show you the ranges that match the look and style. 

Our Floorspiration Hub has seen a huge update for the Spring season with loads of new photos and information on the trends. So here’s what you can expect to see trending this season in the world of flooring. 

Trending flooring types for Spring 2024

If you read our Winter trends guide, you’ll know that geometric patterns and squares were trending last season and that continues to be true into Spring. We love that a lot of homeowners are getting more bold with their flooring choices and opting for statement flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

The flooring type that lends itself well to the trend of patterns is LVT. Not only does it already come in a variety of bold flooring patterns, but it can also be mixed to create unique designs. 

Remember that flooring doesn’t have to be something that goes unnoticed, it can instead be the ‘wow’ factor of any room of your home. As a hard flooring, LVT is perfect for the warmer months and don’t forget that underfloor heating can be installed so it can continue to be a favourite well into Winter.


Carpet is a constant in any flooring trends post and Spring 2024 is no exception. Although, this time , we’re focusing on patterned carpet. 

In Spring, a beautiful floral carpet design is most welcome as it allows elements of nature to come into your home. It can also brighten your space up and is in line with Spring flooring trends this year as people lean further toward patterns. 

That being said, you’ll find lots of solid colour carpets in our Floorspiration Hub as different colours are also trending. We love the versatility of carpet and feel that with so many trending options to choose from, it’ll come into its own this season.

Looks that we love

Although LVT and carpet is a favourite this Spring, our Floorspiration Hub will always incorporate every flooring type. That way, you have a wide range of looks to be inspired by and consider. Here are some other looks we’re loving at the moment – although it’s certainly not all of them! Head over to the hub for even more Floorspiration.

Also don’t forget that you can take your floorspiration to our award winning team of experts who will help you realise your vision. They are always on hand to help when you visit our stores. They can point you in the right direction of which samples to look at and what will work best for your particular needs.