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A customer case study

When buying an older home that needs renovating, there is a lot to think about: the layout you would like, all the furniture you will need and, of course, the flooring. This is where expert advice can really play a key role and we’re proud to have played our part in helping this customer decide on the perfect flooring for every room of their home as it was renovated. 

From the living room and landing, through to each of the bedrooms and the playroom, the flooring needed to be perfect. The customer said, “We knew what sort of flooring we wanted for where, but not the exact type. Visiting the team in the Worthing showroom helped us to narrow it down based on our use and the practicality of different wood and carpet options.” For a young family, it was important that the flooring was durable and stain resistant.

Choosing the perfect flooring

The first stage of getting new flooring is, of course, deciding on what it is you would like and we, more than anyone, understand just how many types of flooring there are to choose from. So when this customer told us that they wanted wood flooring downstairs and carpet upstairs, we advised them on the types that would be best for them and their family. 

There are two main components to flooring: how it looks and how practical it is for what you want it for. In this case, the customer had a particular carpet in mind, but our team advised them on an alternative that would be more practical while still giving the same aesthetic to the home’s décor. 

Once they had narrowed down a few options, we sent them away with samples to see what the flooring looked like in each room. The customer said, “It can be surprising to see how different a carpet or wooden flooring looks when it’s in the room itself.” So it’s really important for the flooring to be seen in situ before a decision is made and we’re always more than happy to give you samples so you can do just that.

Carpet samples from us in the customer’s house

This customer changed their samples a lot to compare different woods and carpets to make absolutely sure that they made the right decision which is no problem at all. We completely understand how important it is to get it just right.

Transforming the living room

As one of the rooms they would spend the most time in, it was important to them that their living room felt homely and still looked stylish. Which is why they were set on having wood flooring – it also complements the old style of the house. What’s more, because the wood is engineered oak, it’s durable, easy to maintain and suitable for underfloor heating.

As you can see from the photos, real wood flooring needs to be expertly laid plank by plank. Starting from the centre of the room and working outwards so that everything is beautifully symmetrical. Here at Wall Bros, we have great relationships with our fitters and know what expertise is needed for specific jobs. Ensuring that our flooring is fitted to the very best standard.

Knight Oak Rustic Smoked flooring being laid in the living room
How the living room looks today

Creating continuation through the upstairs

To ensure continuation throughout the first floor of the house, the same carpet was used on the stairs, landing and in all five bedrooms. It was crucial for the carpet to be versatile and go well with all interiors. From the bold pink walls in the guest room and the neutral tones in the master bedroom to the colourful child bedrooms. 

Smart Toledo Parchment carpet in the guest room

The Smart Toledo Parchment carpet chosen is a chunky loop carpet meaning that each loop creates texture, providing a wonderful feeling underfoot and giving the upstairs of their home a cosy feel. 

The traditional cream colour really complements the old style of the house and, of course, goes with any room. Meaning that the rest of the room can change without the need to change the carpet. Perfect for the children’s bedrooms which will evolve as they get older.

As you can imagine, the renovation of the whole house took a long time and was done in stages. This meant that the carpet couldn’t be laid all in one go as it is in most cases. For projects like this, we’re happy to store carpets for up to three months so that other work can be done before it is laid. 

For this customer, storing the carpet meant that the same carpet could be used throughout the upstairs which the customer really appreciated.

Some of the carpet was sent away to be made into a runner which we then fitted and “Allen was very helpful with advising on the different ways that the stair rods might be fitted and why you might choose one way or another”. As we mentioned, we’re careful about the flooring fitters that we use and make sure that it is laid in a professional and timely manner.

Communication is key

From choosing the flooring in our showroom to speaking to our fitters when it was time to install it, we made sure that the customer made all the decisions. After all, it’s their house – not ours! What we could do, though, was give them expert advice so that they could make those decisions.

Along with our in-store experts, all of the fitters that we use are friendly, tidy and highly experienced. This means that customers can receive the very best flooring advice from start to finish.

The result

Now the customer has stunning flooring throughout their home that they are very happy with. They said, “The whole process from going into the shop to actually getting the flooring laid was so smooth. I can’t thank Wall Bros enough for all of their help with making sure we got the very best flooring”. Check out the photos for yourself:

Before and after. What a difference Knight Oak Rustic wood flooring makes!
Smart Toledo Parchment carpet in one of the children’s bedrooms

If you have a flooring query, don’t hesitate to ask! You can visit our Worthing or Storrington showroom, give us a call on 01903 503638 or email