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Over the last few years, neutral colours have been a strong flooring trend. From silvery greys to natural hues, people have been opting for neutral colours and adding splashes of colour to their interior with bold furnishings. 

Recently brighter and more colourful flooring shades have begun to trend. Now we’re heading into the summer months, following these colourful trends to brighten up your home could be the refresh you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve put together our summer 2022 trends guide for you. So you can get all your flooring inspiration in one place. From colours and patterns to materials, we’ve got it covered!

Colour Trends For Summer 2022

As we mentioned at the beginning, bolder and more colourful floorings are trending. Now the evenings are getting lighter again, it’s a great time to adopt the summer 2022 colour trends into your home or workplace. If you’re looking to refresh your home decor, then why not consider these four colour trends below?


As a way to bring the sunshine in, yellows have been becoming increasingly popular as the weather changes. The great thing about yellows is that they come in such a wide variety of shades; from the vibrant shade, you see in the kitchen above to more soft and subtle shades in the kitchen below.

If you’re choosing to change your wall or cabinet colour, it’s crucial that the flooring compliments those changes. As you’ll see from the first photo, laminate flooring is a great option as it comes in beautiful light colours. Alternatively, tiled flooring like in the second photo can be used to break up the bright colours and give the room a new look.

Natural White

Just like yellow, white comes in all different shades and in Summer 2022, natural white is going to be a popular choice. Natural white lends itself well to any other colour, meaning it can be used in any room in the house and with any colour scheme. 

Bold-coloured carpets would pair really well with a natural white interior. Remember that flooring doesn’t have to be something that is overlooked. Instead, it can be a statement piece and be used to bring a pop of colour and pattern to a room. We think this natural white colour trend in Summer 2022 is a great opportunity to be bolder with the flooring.

Deep red

Like all trends, there’s going to be something for everyone and so are very varied. As you’ll see from the first two colours, one of the biggest colour trends for Summer 2022 is incorporating the brighter weather and bringing Summer into your home. However; there are other trends too and deep red is making a comeback!

Not only have we started to see more people choosing dark red carpet, people are also choosing to change other elements of their home interiors to incorporate this strong colour. With brighter days on the horizon, darker colours can bring tranquillity to your interior.

Flooring Trends for Summer 2022

Now we’ve given you a glimpse into the colours that are trending, it’s time to cast our minds to flooring and look at the types people are choosing. Of course, liking how your flooring looks is a crucial element to choosing the right one, but there are other factors involved. Such as, which one is best for your young family or which one is going to be easiest to clean?

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Vinyl flooring has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Mainly due to its extremely hard-wearing nature and the fact that it comes in almost any shade, colour, style and pattern!.  

Many people opt for vinyl flooring as they want the look of wood or tiles without the price tag and, as technology has improved, so has vinyl’s ability to mimic these materials. The great thing about vinyl tiles is they allow you to create your own patterns if you wish. Offering a unique look to your home interior.

On top of this, vinyl tiles are super easy to maintain and so are perfect for young families and people with a busy lifestyle… or people that don’t like chores!


Just like the bright colours in the colour trends, people are choosing light laminates. Both residential and commercial interiors are beginning to reap the benefits of laminate flooring. It’s easy to maintain and continues to look stylish and modern. 

Being hard-wearing, it’s a perfect option for high-traffic areas; such as hallways in houses and meeting areas in commercial spaces, like the photo above. There are lots of different shades available and so there’s bound to be a shade that suits your style and interior.

Wide planks

As suspected, herringbone flooring continues to be a huge trend as it’s a great way to make a space unique and stylish. But there are other wide-plank floorings that are also becoming popular and we suspect will only get more popular as we go into summer.

This wide plank trend goes hand in hand with the rising use in vinyl flooring as vinyl planks allow huge versatility in colour and pattern. Another great thing about using planks is that they add realistic texture to the floor, making wood-style vinyl feel like real wood; for example. 

If you’ve seen a look or a type of flooring that you’re interested in, get in touch with our flooring experts in Worthing or Storrington. Our award-winning team are there to help you choose the right flooring for you. 

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