Photo shows Wall Bros logo

Being 60 years old this year focused our attention on something that was perhaps a bit dated… our image!

We had not changed the shopfronts or the logo since at least the mid 1990’s so we knew it was time to bring ourselves up to date. Once we looked at the project we realised that we needed some help to keep everything on track and in line, so we worked with local agency, Ask for the Moon, to help us get everything sorted.

Kelly O’Haire, Director at Ask for the Moon, says, “Many clients don’t realise quite how much time and trouble a big rebranding project can take – let alone all the extra things that are involved. We have worked on everything from the very obvious things like the two shopfronts in Worthing and Storrington, to the tiny things like the envelopes. We’ve helped with the new design, advertising, website, social media, business cards, uniforms, invoices… Basically, if it’s got the new Wall Bros logo on it then we’ve sorted it out!

We even got Wall Bros involved in the Adur and Worthing Business Awards – which, at time of writing, we’re not sure of winning (that’s another blog entirely!). It was really gratifying to hear from customers about how much they loved the service and to see them get involved in the nomination process too. We asked them to nominate Wall Bros for one particular category (best retailer) and they ended up nominating them for 3 different categories too!

It’s great to see a project like this through from start to finish. The immediate results and feedback alone have been well worth all the hard work so far.”

You can see from the pictures just how much has changed. Wall Bros is now firmly in the 21st Century and ready for the next 60 years. Bring on 2077!