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As the Dog’s Trust saying goes, ‘a dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ and if you have recently got a new dog, you may be looking to change the interior of your home to better cater for your new furry friend. Having said that, there are other pets – like cats – that may also need changes made to your home.  In this blog post, we answer some frequently asked questions that pet owners ask our expert team when buying new flooring for their home. If your question isn’t answered here, why not pop into our Worthing or Storrington shop to speak to one of our flooring experts. Or give us a call on 01903 503638.

Can I have carpet if I have a dog?

The short answer is yes, of course, you can. Although there are some things that you may want to consider when choosing the carpet. For example, did you know that cut carpets are best when it comes to pets? Let us explain.

There are two types of carpets, cut and loop. Loop carpet involves each thread of the carpet coming up from the bottom and then looping back in; whereas cut is just straight-up and straight-down threads, meaning they won’t get caught in claws.

Another thing to consider is how easy to clean the carpet is; especially if you’ve got a puppy who may be prone to having accidents! Here at Wall Bros Carpets, we offer a huge range of bleach cleanable carpet; meaning you can literally use bleach (if you wish) to clean the carpet and remove any stains. As a result, this type of carpet is also a good option for young families!

What is the best flooring for indoor pets?

There are a few factors involved in answering this question. Firstly, a lot of flooring now is safe for indoor pets and so it’s more a question of what flooring you would like, rather than what’s going to be best for your pet. Gone are the days of hard flooring all round!

As we mentioned earlier, if you’d like carpet, it’s important to consider the type of carpet you choose, to avoid claws getting caught and pulling it up. Other pet owners prefer the idea of just having hard flooring in order to make it easy to maintain. Although this is a great idea, make sure to think about warmth and the hardwearingness of the material. Will the hard flooring you choose keep enough heat in to keep your home and pet warm and can they scratch the surface with their claws? See more about this in the paragraphs below.

That’s where choosing the right underlay is so important and we touched on this in a previous blog post where we spoke about why finding the right flooring is so important. Certain types of underlay can be used under hard flooring to further improve its ability to insulate. You may be surprised to find out that wood flooring doesn’t need underlay as it’s naturally good at absorbing heat and allowing it to circulate around your home. Follow us on Instagram for more flooring facts and inspiration!

So even if you do want hard flooring for your pets, it can still keep your home that bit warmer and help keep the heating bill down.

It’s worth speaking to our friendly flooring experts about what flooring you’re thinking about getting so that they can advise you on what the best option is going to be for you.

Does wood flooring scratch easily?

If pet owners would like wood flooring, it’s crucial to consider the type of wood the flooring is made from and if it scratches easily. There are lots of different types of wood available and some are more susceptible to scratches than others. For example, hardwoods with a tight grain pattern such as oak is more resistant to scratching and so is a good choice for people with dogs or other animals that may scratch the flooring.

Types of wood flooring to avoid as a pet owner is flooring made from Pine, Cherry or Black Walnut as these are soft woods and can be scratched more easily. As we said in our answer to the last question, flooring has come a long way and it’s now possible to have many types of flooring regardless of if you’ve got pets or not.

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