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Something you may not know about us is not only do we provide flooring for residential property, we also provide flooring to businesses and other commercial establishments.

Just like flooring for homes, there are lots of different types of flooring available for commercial space. As flooring specialists, we’re happy to advise business owners on what flooring is best for their establishment. In this blog post, we aim to answer some of the questions we get frequently asked.

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What is commercial flooring?

Commercial flooring is any flooring that is used in a commercial space. It’s important for business owners in all industries; from retail and industrial to hospitality to choose the right flooring for their establishment. 

Getting the right commercial flooring for a specific space is important as it can be needed to meet very specific requirements. When the right one is chosen, it can last a long time.

What is the best commercial flooring?

Just like when residential customers ask us what flooring is best for their home, the short answer is it depends. In order to properly advise you, our friendly team of flooring experts will need to know a bit more about where it will be used and what you expect from your flooring.

Generally though, quality commercial flooring is durable and easy to clean to make sure that it lasts well and isn’t difficult to maintain. When looked after properly, good commercial flooring stands the test of time and will continue to deliver for years to come.

Is there a difference between commercial and residential flooring?

Although you may not be able to tell just from looking at them, commercial-grade flooring is designed to withstand different conditions to that of a residential environment. Carpet has the most noticeable difference as it is designed for much higher traffic areas and is extremely hard-wearing. This is why you often see carpet tiles being used in a commercial setting. This is because they are very durable and easy to install. What’s more, should one or two become damaged, they are easily replaced without having to replace the entire flooring. 

Don’t forget that commercial flooring can look stylish and can make a bold statement in a commercial space. Think of contrasting tiles or short pile, patterned carpet in a hotel lobby.

Why choose commercial flooring?

As well as commercial flooring being more durable, easy to replace and install, installing commercial flooring brings other benefits to the workplace too. For example; installing great-looking flooring can make your workplace more inviting and a nicer place to work. Studies have shown that this, in turn,  can make employees happier and more productive.

If your business relies on footfall, having good flooring can make your establishment more appealing, therefore increasing footfall. Just as we’ve said before, choosing the right flooring is really important and brings benefits to your workplace that you may not have thought of. Flooring can even direct people around the space, e.g. using coloured flooring tiles to denote specific working areas.

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