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Why it’s just as important to make the right choice on the bit of your flooring that you can’t see as well as the bit that you can

It’s the bit of your flooring that you forget is there, but it can often make a huge difference to your comfort and even your energy  bills! Yes, underlay is often the most overlooked aspect of buying new flooring. While it’s natural to focus on the aesthetics of your flooring as that’s what is going to be visible, the underlay plays a crucial part. 

What is underlay?

Underlay is a thin layer of material that is fitted to the subfloor before the flooring covering is laid. Commonly, underlay is made from rebond foam, SBR latex, rubber, felt or potentially a mix of different materials. 

What are the benefits of having good underlay?

It’s worth noting that the different types of underlay are better for different types of flooring. So to make sure you get the most from your underlay, speak to our friendly experts about which will be best for your situation. 

As we’ve said, underlay is often overlooked when buying new flooring, but getting the right one can offer lots of benefits:

Help to cushion your steps

Possibly the most obvious benefit is that having a cushioning layer underneath your flooring cover will make the flooring softer. Which is why it’s suggested to have a thicker underlay for parts of the house where you’re more likely to walk barefoot. E.g in the bedroom and bathroom. 

Quietens hard flooring 

For hard flooring, a good underlay can absorb some of the sound of footsteps to make the flooring quieter. This can be especially useful in heavy traffic areas like hallways and living areas. 

Extends flooring life

You may not have thought that underlay could do this, but it can! As we mentioned earlier, underlay cushions your steps and it does this by absorbing some of the impact. This will reduce the wear and tear on the flooring and ultimately keep it looking better for longer.

Keeps your home warmer

A benefit you most likely want to hear about as we head into the winter months. Some underlay works as a fantastic heat conductor, absorbing the heat in your home and retaining it for longer. Having a warmer floor will not only be more pleasant to walk on but will also make your home more energy (and cost!) efficient. 

We think that it’s definitely worth investing some time, effort and a little budget into securing the best underlay for your home, as you will really see the return on your investment! However, as we’ve said, there are lots of different types of underlay and each one pairs better with different types of flooring. So it’s certainly worth popping in to our Worthing or Storrington showroom to speak to our team of flooring experts who will be happy to assist. 
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