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There has been a lot in the news recently about hygiene. So we thought we would give our advice in relation to flooring. What flooring is best when it comes to hygiene and how can we keep it clean?

Different rooms in a house will require different types of flooring simply because of the different activities that take place in them. For example; in a bathroom and kitchen, it’s usually best to have hard flooring as typically kitchens and bathrooms are moist environments. Whether it’s from the shower or a boiling saucepan on the stove, there is going to be steam in those rooms at some point and so hard flooring is the best option. Hard flooring does not readily absorb water and so it is easily dried should it get wet.

If you’re looking for comfort under-foot, hard flooring does not need to be throughout the entire house. Why not have a bleach cleanable carpet in the living room? Carpets with shorter fibres are a good option where hygiene is concerned as they do not attract as much dust.

Whatever flooring you choose; they will all need cleaning and among the usual vacuuming and dusting of the flooring. There are other, more particular ways of cleaning different types of flooring.

How to clean hard flooring

Although a vacuum cleaner is very effective when cleaning a hard floor, if your hard flooring has detailing you may want to consider using a broom. The individual bristles on the broom would allow you to get into the small indents in the panelling of the floor; ensuring harder to reach areas are cleaned.

For a deeper clean a damp mop is a good option. Using a mop allows you to add extra cleaning agents into the water you are mopping the floor with; offering an even deeper clean. We would also recommend purchasing a micro-fibre mop as the fibre would attract the dirt and not hold onto too much moisture – meaning you can clean the hard floor without saturating it in water and allowing it to dry quicker.

How to clean carpet

Just like hard flooring, carpet can be cleaned with a vacuum. Although this is efficient and one of the most popular ways of cleaning carpet, it will not take out stains. If you’ve got a bleach cleanable carpet, you can use bleach on it without ruining the colour. We always recommend checking the manufacturer’s guidelines to find out how much to dilute the bleach by, if at all.

If your carpet isn’t bleach cleanable there are a variety of carpet cleaners on the market. Most cleaners will state they can be used ‘generally’, but – again – we recommend looking at the manufacturer’s website – or asking your friendly, local flooring experts for their advice to determine what type of stains and carpet the product can be used on.

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