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Summer is almost over and you may be looking to get a new carpet in anticipation of the colder months to come. Here at Wall Bros Carpets we, more than most, understand that the number of colours from which to choose can be overwhelming. Which is why we thought it’d be a good idea to write a blog post on how you can choose the right carpet colour for your home.

Furnishings first

Although we would argue that the carpet is going to be the most important thing in your home, it shouldn’t be the first thing you choose. In fact, we recommend starting with the colour of your furnishings. 

The reason being that fabric colours are often more limited than carpet colours, so it’s best to start with choosing the colour of furniture and then finding a carpet to match. Rather than choosing a beautiful carpet that can’t be matched to any furniture.

Once you’ve chosen your furniture, we can colour match the carpet so you can achieve a seamless look. As is shown with the natural colour palette used in the picture. Or, if you prefer, we can advise you on which carpet colours are going to provide a stunning contrast if you want to make a statement with your floor.

Don’t limit yourself to one colour

One of the most popular choices people make when choosing their new carpet is only going for one colour. Whether that be choosing one colour throughout their home or deciding on a carpet that is just one colour. 

Having different coloured carpets in different rooms can really help to separate spaces; making them feel different to the rest of your home which can be really refreshing. Another thing to bear in mind is not all carpet is one colour, we’re not just talking about striped or patterned carpet. There’s also flecked carpet (or Berber as it was originally called) which is carpet that is mostly one colour but has ‘flecks’ of another colour. Many natural shades are actually made up of subtly chosen groups of fibres that are blended throughout the carpet.

Not only can this be a very stylish option, it can also be an incredibly practical one too. A patterned carpet is also much more forgiving in a high-use room.

Think about lighting

No, we’re not talking about taking the perfect selfie! Thinking about the lighting when it comes to choosing the right carpet colour is important as the natural shadows created on the floor will bring texture and interest to the room. If the room you’re planning to put the carpet in doesn’t have a lot of natural light, a dark-coloured carpet is going to make the room feel even darker. 

Whereas light colours brighten up a room and can even make it feel bigger. Which is one of the reasons why light cream or light grey carpet is so popular. If you’d like to opt for a neutral-coloured carpet, but you’re worried about it looking too ‘boring’, have you considered a textured carpet? Textured carpet is a popular trend at the moment and it can be great for adding an extra dimension to an otherwise normal carpet, plus it’s also lovely to walk on!

Lifestyle before carpet

Before getting too ahead of yourself, think about where the carpet that you’re choosing is going and what it will be exposed to. Is it going to be in a busy household with children and a dog? If that’s the case then we would recommend looking at mid-tones. Nothing too light to show any stains and nothing too dark to show lint or dog hairs. Saying that however, a huge percentage of the carpets we sell here at Wall Bros are bleach cleanable and extremely hard-wearing. So we’re confident we will have something that suits your budget, your needs and colour palette. Although we do accept that some children and pets are a real challenge for any flooring!

We have thousands of different carpet samples in every colour and texture to choose from at both our Worthing and Storrington showrooms. Plus our friendly team of flooring experts will also be on hand to understand your needs and advise you on what will be best for you. Find out where to find us here.