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As the saying goes, ‘there’s inspiration all around us’ and when it comes to flooring that couldn’t be more true. Every venue, house, attraction or building that you go to will have flooring of some sort.

Flooring is something that ties a room together so it has to work with the rest of the interior. Which is why it can be difficult to make a decision on what flooring to go for. 

If you’re in this predicament and going away this Summer, it’s worth keeping an eye out for the different flooring that you see. If you see some that you really like, take a photo of it and bring it to our team of experts. 

Every member of our team has years of experience so there is no problem with showing them a photo for reference. Thanks to the huge range that we stock, our experts will be able to either show you the exact flooring in the photo or find something very similar.

Once our team has seen your photos and know your taste, they can also show you similar flooring that you may not have thought of. Giving you even more ideas and possibilities for your space.

Where to look for flooring inspiration

As we mentioned earlier, if you’re going away this Summer it’s worth looking at the different flooring that you see. Potentially taking inspiration from other countries or our wonderful British heritage. 

Our Instagram is full of stunning photos that showcase the flooring that we have on offer. If you see something you like there, pop us a message or show us the photo in one of our showrooms. 

You can also head over to our brand new Floorspiration Hub! The newest addition to our website – a place full of photos and flooring information to give you ideas. We will be updating this so keep an eye out for new photos, information and advice on there.