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Or – How to keep those toesies cosy with the right flooring!

Believe it or not, Winter has only just officially started! While it may seem as though we’ve had the worst of the cold weather, the coldest months (January and February) are yet to come.  Many of us are trying to prepare for those colder spells and look at what we can do within our homes to stop heat from leaking out of them and make sure it’s that bit warmer. 

Luckily, there are other ways besides central heating to keep our homes warm and one of the most effective is having good flooring. So what types of flooring are trending this Winter? Well, we’ve put together this short guide to give you some flooring inspiration!

Carpet, of course!

It’s no surprise that carpet continues to be the most popular flooring type all year round, but it’s particularly popular in these colder months. There are lots of different types of carpet, but by far the warmest are ones made from 100% wool. 

A wool carpet used to be perceived as being ‘hard to clean’ but many now come with stain guard coatings as standard and all wool flooring is extremely hard-wearing. The carpet industry has come a long way since its humble beginnings and now there are thousands of different colour shades and patterns to choose from. We expect patterned carpet to continue to be popular, just as it was in Autumn

While patterned carpet is a fantastic choice, it can be a daunting decision when it comes to which combination of colours or even what pattern would look best. That’s where our flooring experts come in. Pop along to our Worthing or Storrington showroom with a photo of the room you’re buying the carpet for or a sample of the soft furnishings that you wish to match the flooring to. Our experts will be happy to advise on which carpet will be the best match for both the furnishings and the room use.

Don’t shy away from wood flooring

As we’ve said in a previous blog post, wood flooring can actually do a really good job at keeping your home that bit warmer over Winter. Looking at The 2022 Winter Edition of Design at Home, we can see wood flooring being used a lot as a way to tie lots of different elements together. 

Not only can wood flooring be a good option for warmth over winter, but it can also look great too. Giving your home a modern and stylish feel. What’s more, wood flooring comes in a huge variety of colours and styles so there’s bound to be something that goes with your home decor. 

Why not pop into our Worthing or Storrington showroom? There, you can have a look at all of our wood flooring ranges for yourself and speak to our flooring experts.

There are other versatile hard flooring options

If you’re keen on having a wood flooring look within your home, but need a little more durability or even a less hefty price tag, there are other options. 

We often advise young families who are after a wood look in their homes to opt for Luxury Vinyl Tiles, or LVT. Mainly because of the durability that this type of flooring offers and how low maintenance it is – perfect for busy parents and small children who may be prone to spills. What’s more, LVT imitates a huge range of hard flooring so there are lots of style options when it comes to choosing the right one for you. 

If you love the look of wood flooring but are not sure about how well it will stand the test of pets and children, laminate flooring is another fantastic option. This type of flooring is not only easy to maintain but it also doesn’t scratch or scuff easily. Making it a perfect option for houses with furry friends. In a similar way to LVT, laminate flooring comes in a huge range of colours and styles too and we’re happy to show you all of the options.

Don’t skimp on the underlay

Whatever flooring you choose, spending a fraction more on the best quality underlay will increase your comfort underfoot, increase the lifetime of your flooring and also potentially save you money on fuel bills! Believe us, going ‘better’ on the underlay will be one of the best flooring decisions you can make.

Whether it’s carpet, LVT, laminate or vinyl, we have thousands of flooring samples on display for you to see and feel in our Worthing and Storrington stores, so make sure you pop in and see us. We’re open most days and our award-winning team of flooring experts is on hand to advise you on what flooring is going to be best for you. 

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