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Now that the weather is getting colder, people may be looking to change their flooring to match the seasons and keep their home warm through these colder months. It can be a difficult task to choose the right flooring for your home so we thought we’d compile a list of what’s trending now as well as what to look out for in Winter 2021.

Autumn and Winter Colour Trends

Dark and contrasting colours

Feature walls have been a design highlight for many years now. We think it’s about time the ‘Feature Floor’ took over that mantle!. Both manufacturers and consumers are becoming more adventurous with colour choices and this is starting to become a real trend later into 2021.

Using dark colours is a great way to make your home feel cosy as the temperature outside drops. If you’re interested in choosing a darker floor, remember that we have an Invictus Flooring interactive display that allows you to see the flooring in situ, as it would look in your home.

Neutral colours

Despite the trend for strong colour increasing,  this does not mean the ever-present trend for classic neutral colours is waning. .  Having a neutral colour palette for your flooring means that you can be versatile with decor and change up your interior design as often as your style or the season changes. Perhaps you’re keen to try out bright or dark soft furnishings; a more subtle flooring allows you to try out almost anything!.

Some of you may be familiar with the cottage cottagecore trend; which is the aesthetic of an idyllic life in the countryside. This neutral colours trend for autumn 2021 has similarities to that and offers a beautiful, simplistic style.

Nature’s beauty

Just like in our previous trends blog, natural looks deserve a mention as this colour scheme continues to be popular. This is especially true through autumn as tree leaves turn a beautiful orange colour and many people choose to bring orange tones into their homes to reflect the changing of the seasons.

Bringing the outside in is something that is becoming more prevalent in modern times; think big bi-folding doors and inside elements being brought outside. It’s no surprise that nature-inspired colours are continuing to be chosen for home decor.

Autumn and winter flooring trends


As buyers become more aware of our impact on the planet and making environmentally friendly purchase choices, it’s no surprise that eco-friendly flooring choices are also becoming popular. People are looking for sustainably sourced flooring options such as natural fibre carpet and wood flooring.

Here at Wall Bros Carpets, our wood flooring is sustainably sourced and we even stock a super soft and hard-wearing carpet that is made out of old fishing nets and plastic bottles – yes really (see the photo above)! This means that the people who choose that carpet can be assured that they’ve helped to clean the world’s oceans. What a fantastic added bonus.

Vintage patterns

The trend of ‘old is the new new’ continues to be strong through the Autumn and this popularity is set to continue through the Winter of 2021. One of the main styles to watch is recreating 19th-century encaustic floor tile patterns, as used in the image of the beautiful hallway above.

Pairing this with the increasingly popular dark and contrasting colour trend, vintage patterns really are going to be coming into a league of their own into the winter months. The use of patterned flooring allows people to separate different living spaces, creating an obvious break in an otherwise open-plan room. This concept is an increasingly popular way of designing called ‘broken-plan living’ which incorporates different flooring and semi-permanent partitions, such as a bookshelf, to separate the space.

Nature textures and patterns

Nature makes another appearance in this blog post, but this time for the flooring. People are continuing to bring the outside in. Although this can be achieved with colours, we’re seeing more people choose textured and patterned flooring inspired by nature to further accentuate nature’s beauty.

People are becoming more aware of the benefits of having natural elements in their homes. With patterned carpets, beautiful florals don’t have to stop at your garden. Textured carpets are also being used more to bring an outside, yet comfortable, feel underfoot.


Herringbone patterns continue to be a firm favourite in the flooring industry and, with vintage patterns trending now, we think herringbone will only become more popular. Herringbone flooring became very popular throughout the 1600s in France and is a practical and aesthetically appealing way to bring vintage style into your home.

Previously, herringbone flooring was only used in the kitchen and dining areas but is now used in all areas of homes.

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Feedback from a customer who had carpet from our Sedna range fitted:

“Outstanding installation of soft attractive carpet made out of fishing nets! What an environmentally friendly solution to replace our vintage stair carpet and Heuga tiles! The colour is constant and even but a lovely velvet texture provides superb shading to what would otherwise be quite plain”