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Snuggle up with our Autumn Trends Guide for 2023

Many people like their interiors to fit with the seasons and this Autumn is no different. As we head into Autumn 2023, you may be looking to change up your home to reflect the changing of the season. 

Of course, colours like deep oranges and mustard yellow are always a great option for this time of year, but there are other options too. In this trends guide, we talk you through what colours are trending now as well as the flooring that people are loving. 

Colour trends for Autumn 2023

As we mentioned at the beginning, deep oranges and mustard yellows are always a staple for this time of year. They’re perfect as accent colours throughout your home – think soft furnishings, such as cushions on the sofa and lampshades. 

While this is a lovely touch, you might want to change your wall colour or even your flooring to reflect the season. So here are the top three colours to consider for Autumn 2023.

Earthy neutrals – light browns and beiges

Changing your interior to match the season is a great way to connect with nature and with earthy neutrals trending, this couldn’t be easier. 

What’s great about this trend is that it leans into what’s already trending in the flooring world as light browns and beiges continue to be the top choice of flooring colour. Bringing these more neutral colours into your space can create a sense of tranquillity and a greater connection to nature.

Muted greens

Unlike last year’s Autumn colour trends, this year there’s a focus on muted greens. Instead of opting for bold green – which would be perfect for Summer – tone it down for this transitional season. 
Just like the neutral earthy tones, muted green allows you to connect with nature and bring a little bit of it into your home. Green carpets are really refreshing and can be subtle depending on the look you like best. So make sure you take a look at our ranges in Worthing or Storrington and speak to our experts.

Deep reds

Last, but by no means least, deep reds are back after their trend last Summer. This time though, the darker red allows interiors to be a little darker and bring a cosy feel to your home. As the nights get longer, a deep red can bring calm and a sense of security. 

There are lots of ways to bring this colour to your interior, but of course carpet can give the biggest ‘wow factor’. Contrary to popular belief, having dark flooring doesn’t have to make the room feel dark so it’s worth speaking to our team of experts – don’t shy away from darker shades!

Flooring trends for Autumn 2023

Now you’ve got an idea on what colours to choose, let’s look at the three most popular flooring choices for Autumn this year. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Wood flooring

First on the list is wood flooring, which may not have been what you expected for a colder season. People are continuing to opt for real wood flooring in their homes, not least because of its durability and timeless style. 

If the cold is what you’re concerned about, don’t forget that you can always put underfloor heating underneath wood flooring. Wood retains heat really well and this type of heating system can be much more efficient. Saving you money on your energy bills.

Luxury vinyl tiles (or LVT)

We recently did a whole blog post on LVT as this type of flooring is just so versatile so we’re pleased to see it trending this season. The fantastic thing about LVT is it allows you to lean into a range of trends. For instance, if you love the look of wood flooring but need something a bit more durable and pet friendly, LVT is the flooring for you. 

With individual planks, LVT can look exactly like wood flooring but can come with extra benefits that are right for you. Bold patterns are popular this year and LVT flooring can also achieve a bold look too.

Wool carpet

We don’t think any flooring trends blog post would be complete without the mention of carpet! Wool carpet has quickly become a popular choice among carpet buyers for a variety of reasons. From its soft feel underfoot to its durability and how easy it is to maintain. 

For Autumn, wool carpet is a fantastic option as it is a fantastic insulator. Keeping the warmth in while also reducing draughts. We have a huge range of wool carpets and so we’re sure you’ll find one that you love. Modern wool carpets are also easy to clean, so make sure to ask our experts about this and other features that are important to you when you come to our stores.

Whatever tickles your fancy this autumn, our flooring experts are on hand to make sure that you find your perfect flooring. We’d love to see you at our Worthing or Storrington showroom soon!
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