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There’s no end to Kitchen and Bathroom flooring ideas when using LVT

Kitchens and bathrooms are certainly some of the most high-traffic and potentially messiest rooms in the house, so making sure you get the right flooring is really important. It needs to be durable, waterproof, easy to clean, as well as attractive.. 

There’s only one type of flooring that ticks all of those boxes – Luxury Vinyl Tiles – known as LVT! 

Something that a lot of people don’t realise is just how versatile and stylish LVT can be. It’s a next generation on from more traditional floor coverings, such as lino and carpet. It’s also not a fancy term for laminate flooring, another misconception about it. So that begs the question…

What is LVT?

Unlike normal vinyl flooring, LVT comes in individual tiles rather than one single piece of flooring. Making it really good at imitating the type of flooring it looks like. For example; achieving a tiled floor look with LVT will look much more realistic because the vinyl really is tiles. So you get those same grooves between the pieces and in some cases, the texture too. For instance, some wood-style LVT has tiny raises in it so it even feels realistic underfoot. 

LVT is made up of a number of compressed layers, making it a good heat insulator so it’ll feel warmer underfoot than conventional hard flooring.

Bathroom flooring ideas

Bathrooms tend to be the smallest rooms in the house, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be stylish. In fact, LVT can be a bold and practical way to bring some pzazz into your bathroom. Remember that LVT is durable, waterproof and easy to clean, making it perfect for wet environments like the bathroom.

This stunning LVT from Invictus creates a beautiful statement floor in this bathroom and brings a touch of olde English style to the modern home – in fact, this particular LVT is actually from Invictus’ Victorian Treasure’ range! 

Another thing to note about having a patterned floor in the bathroom is that it opens up the space and can make the room feel bigger so it is a good option if your bathroom is on the smaller side. 

Continuing with the older style, LVT lends itself very well to imitating herringbone flooring – another popular style in the Victorian era, albeit the plank size back then was thicker! The individual plank style that LVT has creates a stunning Herringbone formation and, unlike conventional wood, it can be enjoyed in wet areas like the bathroom.

Moving away from the bolder looks, a more neutral colour floor can work really well to make a smaller room like a bathroom feel bigger and lighter. In the example below, a more modern floor has been paired with an older-style bath and sink to create a beautiful juxtaposition. A great look for the modern home.

LVT is also great for open-plan areas to create flooring continuation and ultimately tie the two spaces together. What you’ll notice about the photo below is there are two versions of them. The first shows LVT being used just as we have described – throughout the ensuite and bedroom space. The second shows how carpet can be used in the bedroom area to add an element of separation to the two spaces. 

Both the LVT and carpet in these photos are from Invictus, just like the first bathroom flooring we saw. The fantastic thing about Invictus is they offer colour-matched carpets for their LVT or vice versa. So the transition from LVT to carpet or carpet to LVT is seamless. Just as the photo below shows.

What all of these looks demonstrate is the huge variety that LVT offers and the different looks that can be achieved with it. From bold Victorian tiles to more muted ones, LVT offers up so many choices in not only colour but style too.

Kitchen flooring ideas

Moving on to another important part of the house – the kitchen. Just like the bathroom, the kitchen is an area that benefits from having a waterproof and wipeable floor. So LVT works well in kitchens too.

Sticking to the open-plan theme, the kitchen above demonstrates how LVT doesn’t have to be restricted to one area. Instead, it can be laid freely throughout the home – from the kitchen through to the hallway. 

The continuing trend for open-plan living is another reason why LVT is such a popular choice in the modern world. More homes than ever tend to have kitchen diners or kitchens at the back of the lounge area. Just like the kitchen and lounge pictured below.

In this apartment, you can see Herringbone LVT has been used throughout. Something that you couldn’t do with carpet which can make LVT a cost-effective flooring option as you don’t have to purchase multiple floor coverings for different areas of the house. 

It’s important to note, while we’re on the subject of open-plan, that while it may look cold, LVT can actually be fantastically warm. As well as it being a good insulator, as we mentioned at the beginning, you can also install underfloor heating underneath it.
So the open-plan spaces you see in this article may not be as cold as they look and could actually be saving 25% of the energy you would use with a radiator!

We’ve almost gone full circle in this article as we finish with bold patterned LVT in the kitchen, rather than the bathroom. You’ll see here that it has been paired with plain wooden cupboard doors to make it pop and draw people’s attention to it. 

When done right, flooring can be an element of your home that isn’t overlooked and that can actually have people pay compliments to it. One of our long-standing customers said, “it’s what everyone, and I mean everyone, who visits, comments on”!
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