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New year, new floor? Here’s what you need to know

Getting new flooring is a great way to give your home a fresh new look and the beginning of a new year is a great excuse to do just that. So, if you are looking for new flooring, our  experts have put together a quick guide which tells you everything you need to know about choosing the right flooring to suit your needs. 

Don’t forget that this is just a quick guide. Our friendly flooring experts are available to give you more help at both our Worthing and Storrington showroom.

What goes with what?

One of the first things you’ll be thinking about when considering new flooring is what type of flooring goes with the interior you have. Whether you’re keeping it the same or planning to change the interior, the flooring needs to match or complement it. 

We’ve referred to ourselves as the ground workers of interior design before and this is because flooring works to tie everything in the room together. Choosing flooring that does just that is important to the overall look and feel of your home. So, what can you do to make sure things go well together? Here’s a quick look at what colours go with the staples of the flooring world:

Wood flooring

The great thing about wood flooring is that it pairs very nicely with a huge range of other textures. Including leather, fabrics and painted surfaces. So, more often than not, there will be wood flooring that goes well with the interior you already have or the one you’re planning to have. Wood also goes well with both modern and classic interior decor styling.

What’s more, wood flooring comes in a variety of colours so you can choose whether to get one that matches your home. Or one that complements it instead. 

Grey carpet

Grey is a hugely popular choice for carpet and has been for many years due to its versatility. As grey is a neutral colour, it can be paired with almost anything to tie a room together. Some of the best pairings though are blues, greens and pinks. 

It’s important to think about the properties of the carpet when you’re purchasing it. Even though you’ve decided on a colour, there are lots of other things to consider too. Such as how durable you want it to be as well as how easy to clean. So make sure you pop into our Worthing or Storrington showroom to speak to our expert team who will be more than happy to help you with which carpet to go for. 

Think about where the new flooring is going

Even if you’re going to be re-flooring your entire home, you need to think about the individual requirements  in each room the flooring is going. In this day and age, there are so many different flooring options and each has its benefits in different areas of the house. 

For example; carpet can be used in the majority of a home and, in fact, there are so many different types of carpet that it would be possible to use a slightly different one in each room. Having said that, you wouldn’t want to put carpet in the kitchen or bathroom because these areas are likely to get wet. Instead, you’ll want to opt for hard flooring such as vinyl flooring which is not only really durable, it’s waterproof and easy to clean too.

Taking it a step further, you will need to consider how busy each area of your home is. For example; you’ll want to ensure you have durable flooring in a busy part of the house like the hallway as people will be walking across it frequently. 

Thinking about where your new flooring is going will help you to get an idea of what type of flooring will work best in that area. Don’t worry if you’re not sure – that’s what our flooring experts are here for! Pop into our Worthing or Storrington flooring showroom to speak to our award-winning team about what will work best in your home.

Does it need to be low maintenance?

A low maintenance floor is one that is easy to keep clean and looking nice. With more of us living time-starved lives, having a low maintenance floor is becoming imperative. So what are the options? Well, although hard flooring is a great option, they may need continual sweeping and having many carpet varieties are bleach-cleanable these days.

Here at Wall Bros Carpets, we stock a range of bleach-cleanable carpets. A type of carpet that is made from polypropylene. A man-made fibre which doesn’t allow liquid to be absorbed into the fibre. We always recommend carrying out a small test with any harsh cleaning products before using them across a large patch in the middle of your lounge but, as the name suggests, bleach-cleanable carpets can really be cleaned with chemical cleaners like bleach. Ensuring that your carpet remains stain-free – even if you love having big parties, have muddy pets and an army of toddlers

If you want to avoid carpet altogether, there are lots of different hard flooring options and each type of hard flooring is available in a huge variety of colours and styles. Vinyl flooring is always a favourite when it comes to durability and low maintenance. Not least because the variety of styles it comes in goes with most interiors. 

Whatever flooring you’re looking for, our friendly team of flooring experts is on hand to give you the advice that you need to make sure you choose the right flooring. Pop into our Worthing or Storrington showroom to see our ranges and speak to the team.