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What’s the difference between laminate and wood flooring?

No, this is not the opening line of a joke, it’s one of the questions we get asked most often! Although laminate and wood flooring are similar in their appearance, both offer a beautiful wood look for your home, but it can be hard to know which one is going to be the best option […]

Top Three Benefits Of Wood Flooring

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With its natural tones and classic styling, lots of people are choosing real wood flooring for their homes.  While it certainly looks stunning, there are other fantastic benefits. Here are our top three: Durability It almost goes without saying that real wood flooring is one of the most durable types of flooring available. Making it […]

Spring Flooring Trends 2023

The UK flooring industry is always evolving and changing with the seasons, and this spring is no different. With the changing weather and the desire for more natural and sustainable materials, the trends are shifting towards eco-friendly flooring options. For both homes and businesses, the trend is leaning towards natural materials, muted colours, and a […]

Choosing The Right Flooring: Our 2023 Quick Guide

New year, new floor? Here’s what you need to know Getting new flooring is a great way to give your home a fresh new look and the beginning of a new year is a great excuse to do just that. So, if you are looking for new flooring, our  experts have put together a quick […]

What Flooring Is Most Popular At This Time Of Year?

Or – How to keep those toesies cosy with the right flooring! Believe it or not, Winter has only just officially started! While it may seem as though we’ve had the worst of the cold weather, the coldest months (January and February) are yet to come.  Many of us are trying to prepare for those […]

The best flooring to keep your home warm this winter

Or ‘How not to get cold feet in your own home!’ Now that the temperature is starting to drop outside and winter sets in, you might be thinking about changing the interior of your home. Not just to reflect the change in season but also to keep your home warmer and that costly central heating […]

How We Work With Our Fitters

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Here at Wall Bros Carpets we pride ourselves on providing the best flooring for all of our customers. Our flooring experts are able to recommend the right flooring for every home or workspace and customers leave our shop happy that the perfect flooring has been chosen for them. Once the flooring has been expertly selected […]

Top 3 Things You Need To Know Before Choosing Your New Flooring

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With Spring comes longer, brighter days which, while very welcome, can often highlight aspects of our home that need improving. Although it can be easy to replace cushions, curtains or other accessories, your flooring can have the biggest impact of all. Whether it’s choosing the right type for a particular room (not got round to […]

9 Reasons to Choose Real Wood Flooring

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Why should I have a wood floor? Here are 9 reasons why we think wooden flooring is a great choice… We love wood flooring, and are sure you will too – some of us even have it in our own homes. If you’re thinking about installing a wood floor get in touch to discuss your requirements with […]