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Why should I have a wood floor?

Here are 9 reasons why we think wooden flooring is a great choice…

  1. Wood floorings never go out of fashion: 
    Tastes in decor change over the years but wooden floors remain a classic. Whether you live in a two-up, two-down or a palatial mansion, wood floors look classy and stylish.
  2. Wood floors have great strength and durability:
    Looked after properly (and see point 4 – it’s not difficult!), wood floors can last for years…. hundreds in fact! Did you know that it takes at least 100 years for just a millimetre to wear away from a wooden floor? If you’ve got lots of people living in your house, you can be confident all those feet won’t take their toll on your wood floor.
  3. Wood floors are super easy to clean:
    Let’s face it, most of us aren’t big fans of house work and the beauty of wooden floors is that all they need is a quick sweep and the odd mop. Hey presto: one sparkling clean floor! You’ll never have bad odours from a wooden floor either.
  4. They’re easy to maintain and repair:
    If the correct maintenance procedures have been followed, most wood flooring can be easily repaired – this is generally called refinishing. Much easier, more economical and far kinder to the environment (see point 6!) than starting again with a new flooring.
  5. Wooden floors make a great investment:
    Estate agents will confirm that wooden flooring definitely adds value to homes. It’s a neutral, adaptable flooring that caters to most people’s tastes.
  6. Wood flooring is environmentally friendly:
    Some flooring, when at the end of its life, simply get sent to landfill. Not so with wood. As we’ve touched on above, wood floors can generally be repaired and revitalised. Plus the material itself is environmentally friendly if you choose wood from an FSC certified source.
  7. It’s great for allergy sufferers:
    Unlike carpets, there’s nowhere for bugs, pollen or other irritants to hide meaning wood floors are the first choice flooring for allergy sufferers.
  8. Wood floors are versatile:
    Want to change the look of a room? No need to change the flooring if you have a wooden floor; consider staining/sanding the flooring for a whole new concept.
  9. There’s a huge variety of wooden flooring choose from:
    There’s a massive selection of types of wood, including different grains, colours and finishes, available. Whether you’re after a traditional oak, a lighter maple, or even a white or grey look, there’s something to suit all tastes. We have a huge range of samples in both our Worthing and Storrington shops, plus we’re happy to bring them to your home so you can see what they will look like in the real setting.
Some wooden floors are extremely ornate and a real centrepiece

We love wood flooring, and are sure you will too – some of us even have it in our own homes. If you’re thinking about installing a wood floor get in touch to discuss your requirements with our expert team today.